Innovation for Change in Central Asia Initiatives
Discussions and interactive sessions
November 12-25
14.00 - 17.00
November 17
17:00 - 19:00 (GMT+6)
Global South Expert Perspective of Central Asian Civil Society: Panel Discussion
I4C CA will be hosting a panel session with regional and international experts to discuss the status of Central Asian civil society from regional, international, and Global South perspective. We will discuss international trends in civil society development and evaluate the Central Asian civic space. We are looking for new knowledge and insights to further strategize the development of civil society to build partnerships between civil society experts for future collaboration to defend civic space and support and promote resilience and solidarity. Expertise and research capacity of participants of the panel session will give the opportunity for collaboration within input for vision of the Global South-Led Civil Society Think and "Can-do" Tank and Network. The event will have participants from all I4C CA countries.
UPDATE: (November 17): We had over 110 participants and heard expert analysis on topics such as Central Asia establishing relationships with East and South Asian regions, civic activism, forms of NGO repression, productivity of 'online activism', and how NGOs work, and could work, with the government. The second part of the event had a presentation by Batsugar, I4C CA steward, on the creation of a Central Asian Think and "Can-do" Tank. There were a number of questions by particpants and they were discussed in the 'Fish Bowl' format. The 'Fish Bowl' format is a controlled conversation where five-six participants turn their video on to 'enter the fish bowl' and join the discussion. When one person is done speaking they simply turn their video off, which creates a 'free seat' for any participant to join in on the conversation.
Big thank you to all participants, panelists, moderators and organizers!
November 18, 17:00 - 19:00
and November 19, 14:00 - 16:00 (GMT+6)
GLOBAL SOUTH-LED CIVIL SOCIETY Think and "Can-do" Tank and Network Co-Design
I4C CA will be establishing the initial foundation of the Global South-Led Civil Society Think and "can-do" Tank and Network from October 7-8th. The Think Tank will focus on research, analysis, and knowledge, supporting civil society to act cohesively, and respond adequately and proactively to ongoing and future civic space and development challenges and opportunities. The online 2-day event will be co-design sessions to create the concept, structure, mission, vision and priority areas of the think tank and network, which will enable Central Asian and inter-regional civil society to act cohesively to civic space and development challenges and opportunities. register here
November 25, 17:00
SOLIDARITY TALK: Shrinking Space for Civil Society: challenges and perspectives
I4C CA will provide a platform for the CSO community and multi-sectoral activists to better understand changes and develop responses to the problem of shrinking space in Central Asia. The event will supply an in-depth reflection on and discussion of the current situation and its consequences, including various perspectives from civil society, governments, international organizations, and other stakeholders. We plan to share lessons learned and the best practices from local, regional and international levels to help promote civil society participation in a lockdown situation.
November 12
12:00 - 15:00 (GMT+6)
Increasing civic participation in Сentral Аsia game-based training
On October 6 I4C CA will be hosting a game based virtual training during the Innovation Festival. This game will enable civil society, civic activists, communities and local governments to engage in participatory solutions to local problems, spur economic development, and address social issues. This highly interactive 3-hour training will be conducted by international experts in civic participation and will include members from all I4C CA countries. Participants will propose and implement solutions to local problems through participatory government engagement and five teams will be awarded financial support to realize their solution. The training scheme was developed within the framework of the Council of Europe's project "Promoting civil participation in democratic-decision-making in Ukraine."
UPDATE: Game Based Training (November 13):
We just finished the initial game stage of this amazing event! Representatives from Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan worked in their own groups to highlight a major problem in their region, decide which institutions are responsible in solving the problem, and what steps and tasks are needed to implement them during a four month period. At the end of today's training, each region presented their detailed projects.
Over the next week, all countries will polish their project ideas and present them to a panel of judges. At least three projects will be awarded financial support for implementing their project.
A big thank you to the organizers and all the participants for your active participation! We look forward to seeing the results! Please see the recorded event here
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